On the 25th of May 2009 at around 7:30pm Diesel was being transferred between two boats at the Clifton Harbour during which a large quantity escaped directly into the sea, this resulted from the lack of proper dispensing equipment and poor supervision from both the Authorities and Agencies. This incident has caused multiple problems in the community, difficulty breathing, closed shops, a stench that has driven away tourists; this will undoubtedly impact the marine life seriously.

The Environmental Attackers a Non Governmental Organisation based on Union Island has always raised the issue of this continuing problem which also includes solid waste pollution. We have recently completed a strategic management plan for the Clifton Water Front, this document is available for anyone to peruse.

The video above exhibits the extent of the Diesel Spill and the mess it has caused. Our environment must be preserved and the necessary steps must be taken to stop if not curb this unpunished behavior. This is a message from the Union Island Environmental Attackers.