Another exciting night of Turtle Watching In Union Island, I decided to take little Stanislaus and my wife Sunita, the trip started at 11pm on the 16th May 2009, we arrived at the trail at about 11:30, on board were 29 persons among them a Marine Biologist from the University of The West Indies, and a traveling student from Norway, it rained earlier in the day so the rocky trail was a bit wet and challenging for the hike, and since I had to lift Stanislaus all the way down made it more tedious, we started hiking downwards the rocky trail with headlamps and other turtle gears, food, water etc, we arrived on the beach after a 15mins hike, we scanned the beach to see if any turtles were up before we got there then we assembled at the look out spot and started some discussions, we found out some  interesting things about sea turtles eg, they return to the beach where they were born, 25 years later to lay their eggs, the Marine Biologist also gave us a talk on how other turtle monitoring agencies use GPS tracking to monitor their migration patterns, by this time Stanislaus found his bed on the sand lying on a large plastic and the backpack as his pillow, for the rest of the night we saw no turtles however we suspected that one came up before we got there, the hike up back the trail was harder since it rained while we were on the beach and that made the trail muddy, we arrived up safely at 4 am on the 17th. The Turtle Watch Programme is an effort by the Union Island Environmental Attackers to protect the Turtles and is a potential means of sustainable development, its extended to the general public here and abroad to come and witness Turtle activity at Union Island. story by Stanton Gomes