Today’s birding session at the Belmont Saltpond, Union Island, revealed a new species for the UEIA birding group: the Black-whiskered Vireo (Vireo altiloquus). Difficult to see, we heard it in a mango tree with its song typical of all Vireos, sounding like, “Deedra…where’r you? … Deedra”. It is year-round migrant in the Northern Antilles and may be here as well.

Read more about the Black-Whiskered Vireo at

Our birding list for June 1st included:
Antillean Crested Hummingbird
Black Bellied Plover
Black-faced Grassquit
Black-whistered Vireo
Carib Grackle
Eared Dove
Gray Kingbird
Grenada Flycatcher
Mangrove Cuckoo
Laughing Gull
Scaly-naped Pigeon
Tropical Mockingbird
Wilson’s Plover
Yellow Warbler
Yellow-bellied Elaenia
Zenaida Dove

by Robert William Rankin, Sustainable Grenadines Inc(,