Invitation to Bird Watching

Poster by Robert Rankin


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  1. Ruby Adams:

    I am so excited and proud of the work you the Environmental Attackers and Sustainable Grenadines organization are doing in Union Island, my homeland. Your hard work and effort are commendable. It’s great for people to have Bird Watching and Turtle Watching as leisure as well as learning activities whether they live on the island or are visiting. Activities such as these are really needed, and the preservation and protection you are promoting are invaluable to the maintenance of the natural habitat and wild life of Union Island.

    I am part of an newly formed organization of Unionites abroad that are planning a “Union Island Homecoming” in 2012. I look forward to making “bird watching” and “turtle watching” part of program activities for that event, and hope that it would be a great experience for all.

    I also saw on the internet where your organization carried out a community clean-up competition. That’s great! I would suggest that you make it an annual thing – just remember to share the winnings with different communities each year (even if it’s for effort) so that areas that didn’t clean up to pa don’t get totally discouraged (unless they just didn’t make any effort, of course).

    While I am on the subject of cleaning up, may I suggest that you all include the removal of old, abandoned vehicles and appliances from properties (around homes and vacant lots) by homeowners and or renters. It creates quite an eye sore no matter how nice the house or store might be. I have heard visitors to the island talk about it and it’s disturbing. It’s also not environmentally friendly. Owners of these discarded items should be required to take them to dump when they are not usable anymore, and I think your organization is the right one to implement that into your cleanup campaign.

    Again, keep up the good work.

    Ruby Adams

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