Turtle Training – Trinidad

The Videos and Pictures of the Turtle Training in Trinidad are finally out !!! The Training was part of a GEF/UNDP Funded, SVG National Trust Project for the conservation of Leatherbacks in Union Island, SVG. The Group of 10 endured Seven days of tough training from Sun 3rd to Sat 9th April 2011. Classroom during the day and long nights patrolling a 3.5 mile beach (which is no place for the faint of heart) in very loose sand from 7pm to Midnight sometimes 2am. With only 4-5 five hours of sleep every night and sacrificing one week away from our families we finally made it through. As the media man I tried my best to capture the moments, taking the camera in conditions where it shouldn’t go and after long hours of editing, cutting and clipping videos we came up with a nice package for you. The videos and pictures reflects this hard work, commitment  and team work and also some fun and relaxing moments.  “Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes.” ENJOY !!!

Stanton Gomes




Part 1


Part 2



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  1. Frank:

    Great work Stanton and Co. Do you have any on birds? Gotta bring them to Shell Beach ………

  2. uiea:

    Yes Frank, we are putting together a Birding Video, in the process of collecting footages, mabe you can come and do some birding here.

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