About Us

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Union Island is the most southerly of the St. Vincent Grenadines. It has diverse terrestrial vegetation ranging from savannah, thickets, mangroves, complex forest systems to secluded white sand beaches; its marine environment is equally impressive.

Despite its outstanding natural beauty, Union Island, with its small airport, is principally used as a gateway to many of the surrounding islands. Whilst a significant proportion of the local population works in fishing or tourism related activities, there is a high unemployment rate on the island and little prospect for diversification at present.

One of the most important reasons why this project was selected was because of the importance of the environment to the survival of Union Island as a tourism destination and by extension the economic survival of this small island.

The Grenadines, and even more so Union Island because of its distance from the mainland, needs tourism to “stay alive”.  Young persons interested in our own survival began to recognizing that we have to do something for ourselves and set aside time to make these important things happen. So we started a club. After several meetings we came up with the name Union Island Environmental Attackers and our group was established on the 8th November 1999 at Clifton, Union Island.

One of the first things that we noticed was the way people dispose of their garbage …everywhere and any where… and not at our dump site (an open area designated for the disposal of garbage). So a group of us (now members) thought it would be nice to bring some people together to assist with a clean –up and so make the place less of an eye sore but rather make our environment a better place to live, so when visitors come they will find it to be the “best” and tidiest island in the Caribbean.

The first clean-up program was launched on November 21, 1999, based on what we thought was one of the most important issues affecting us.

Our group has a total of 28 members at present and will like all those who are interested to join our group. While the group itself will do its own monitoring and evaluation  in order to better able to plan related or other activities, a great deal of our feedback comes directly from the community. However we do take pride first in membership satisfaction and an ever increasing set of persons to take part in group planned activities.

Because the improvement to the physical surroundings is so visible, and the improvement so clear it is hard not to hear the “echoes of praises” to the group and the others involved. This is why many of the other Union Island groups will join hands with us once we decide to do another phase of the project. Community feedback is very important to us and while we may often have the final say as to the other project, it is often the community itself that guides as to where we go next as a priority. Our various community education programmes, even though they are considered to be the work of the Ministry of Health or Tourism or Environment, are recognized as filling a major gap in this regard.

The increase in sponsorship and the willingness of the business community to now be associated with the group is a clear indication that these businesses, service providers and persons in the tourism industry have considered the projects and work of the organization as vital.

Since 1999, work has been undertaken in phases and broken down into smaller components depending on the sponsorship that is received. The group, while recognizing a need for more work, has embarked on broadening its support base by co-partnering with more groups rather than trying to do it alone. In this regard, it has become the vanguard for the promotion of this kind of work and from an “environmental club of self help community workers” to an organization that is internationally known.


To promote a more environmentally conscious and concerned community, strengthen group competence and attract local and international support through education, empowerment and building trust.

Our mission is to create a beautiful and attractive environment through the use of dedicated and empowered members, along with local and international support and community involvement.

Key Objectives

  • Empowering and encouraging the general public engage in the beautification of UnionIsland as a means of attracting tourist and providing livelihoods for its population of 3500 inhabitants.
  • The physical cleaning of beaches and illegal disposal sites and the beatification of general surroundings.
  • Highlighting the importance of the various ecosystems, such as the vegetative, marine and forest ecosystem, as a basis for our sustenance.
  • Highlighting the importance of natural resource management as a basis for the continued sustainable livelihoods of the residents of Union Island.
  • Educate and sensitize the public about the importance of a clean environment to a healthier life.
  • Provision of garbage disposal facilities around the entire island.
  • Educate both our visitors and locals about the island history and culture and importance of tourism to our continued existence.