Turtle Watching

Turtle season seems to be growing very rapidly for Union Island, where the Union island Environmental Attackers go out on their regular patrols when turtle season is closed. During the month of May we have quite a number of leatherbacks coming to our shores to do their nesting.

As an organized body we go out and we patrol the different beaches to make sure that the nesting process is completed without interruption by the public .

Unfortunately, there are some persons on the Island who love the taste of turtle and their eggs.

We have all pledged to do everything in our power to protect these turtles while nesting and the eggs that are left behind. We monitor the eggs until the hatchlings are born.

We want our people to understand how to take care of our Sea Turtles and why.

Well here are the reasons:

  • It is reported worldwide that only one in a thousand leatherbacks survive until adulthood while loss of nesting habitat and illegal egg harvesting are the cause of early death for some.
  • They live a life span of about 100 years, sometime cut short by fishing lines and nets and they consume plastic debris mistaking them for jelly fish.
  • They are the largest reptile in the world and the heaviest in the turtle family.
  • They grow up to 12 Feet and weigh nearly 900 kilograms when both the male and female turtles are fully grown.
  • They are the only sea turtle without a hard bony shell.
  • They have also known to be in existence since sea turtles evolved 110 million years ago.

We want to remind the public that the penalty for disturbing or processing the eggs is a maximum of EC$5,000 so please leave the turtles alone. Let them do their nesting without interfering them. Join with us by protecting nesting beaches and near shore habitats and raising awareness so that local communities will protect turtles and their nests.

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