Turtle Videos

May 22nd 2010 Turtle Watching Patrol.

May 13th 2010 - This is a video of the first tagged Leatherback in Union Island, after having a difficult time digging the nest she layed about 90 eggs. A hard lump was noticed on the back which is presently being investigated by Widecast.

May 24th 2009 - This amazing video was shot on the 23rd May 2009 at 11:30pm during a routine Turtle Watch by the Union Island Environmental Attackers, this Turtle is a 7 feet (shell measurement) Leather Back that layed 10 days ago and came back to lay another batch of eggs, her name is “Oceanna”, she has a damaged right back flipper which was probably damaged by sharks.

June 1st 2009 - On the 1st of June 2009 at about 12:45am a 5’2″ Leather Back came up on the Bloody Bay Beach, it rained a bit around midnight and we were contemplating to call off the watch when we heard a “flap” then we saw her coming out from the sea. She Layed about 100 eggs then set out back to sea, we named this one “Cynthia” after a Turtle Watch stalwart Cynthia Mills.

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