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Baby Hawksbill saved by honey mooners on Palm Island

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Turtle Training – Trinidad

The Videos and Pictures of the Turtle Training in Trinidad are finally out !!! The Training was part of a GEF/UNDP Funded, SVG National Trust Project for the conservation of Leatherbacks in Union Island, SVG. The Group of 10 endured Seven days of tough training from Sun 3rd to Sat 9th April 2011. Classroom during…

Connections across the planet

It is not long after you’ve been birdwatching that your mind starts to expand to far off continents, high-elevation weather systems, and genomic machinations. What contrivance of weather, bad luck, and instinctual migratory clockwork colluded to drop so many new visitors to the salt ponds and mangroves of Union Island? Today, we were startled to…

Gonatodes Daudini

Endemic species: a rare encounter on Union Island

The Union Island Environmental Attackers Bird Watching crew had a rare find today while hiking along the eco-trail above Chattam Bay, on the Western uninhabited portion of the Island. The humid forest with its craggy boulders is the only known location of a tiny, blue-spotted gecko, Gonatodes daudini, which is endemic to Union Island. The…

Victory: Attackers receive optics for bird monitoring

The two 2 spotting scopes and 5 binoculars have finally arrived on Union Island! This is great news for the Attackers, and will really kick off the birding group and the training for bird monitoring at Ashton Lagoon. Many thanks to Lisa Sorenson of the Society for the Conservation and Study of Caribbean Birds for…